Online Rummy Players Guide

I wanted to take a break from poker and casino posts to cover an emerging game that is taking the skilled game market by storm, online rummy. Rummy is one of the major international card games that are actually in the top 5 in terms of popularity online. Back in the day I would have loved playing rummy online but I now know that it is played quite differently than how I and my brothers played. I’m trying to learn the different forms of rummy, like gin. I’m having some trouble thought so it will be a while before you see me at the real money rummy tables.

I have also been concerned about cheating in rummy

I guess it makes sense that cheating in rummy is easily detected because is the same two players are always playing together and discarding cards the other player needs, depending on position, even a two-bit detection program would pick it up. It is also very easy to spot from a players point of view. The main rummy rooms always return the money to the affected players so I guess its no biggie. there will always be idiots trying to game the system when it comes to money.

Rummy isn’t actually considered gambling, even when you play for money. It is a game of skill so it is largely legal in the United States and many of the states that have old restrictions pertaining to online skill games have been considering legalizing it to bring in some much-needed cash.

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