My Triple Draw Poker Experience

I was playing poker at Pokerstars tonight and I noticed a game that I’ve never seen before. It’s called “8-game poker” and it’s a mixed poker game. I have played H.O.R.S.E poker before so I figured I’d give it a chance. As luck would have it I sat down at the start of the rotation and it was a game I’ve never played before. Its called 27 Triple Draw and it’s unlike any poker game I have ever played before. Well, that’s actually not true. I grew up playing five card draw and I have played lowball poker games before and 2-7 Triple Draw is somewhat of a mix between the two. Basically, it’s like playing five card draw only you want to get the lowest hand possible. You also get to draw cards 3 times which takes a bit of getting used to. Aces are always high and straights and flushes count so the nut hand would be 2-3-4-5-7.

Well, once I realized that I was a little out of my league I did some super quick Googling and learned what I just wrote above. Each rotation only consists of 6 hands and despite the fact that I lost a decent amount of money in the first few hands while I was learning the game when it switched over to the next game I wanted to keep playing triple draw! I left the 8-game poker table and sat down at one of the 27 triple draw tables. I must have played for 3 hours straight, that’s how addicting the game is. Despite the fact that I was a total newbie I managed to walk away ahead $75.

I may still be a rookie at 27 Triple Draw but compared to the other players I might as well have been a pro. A couple of the players at my table didn’t seem to have a clue what a good hand is. They would raise and end up drawing 3 which is totally stupid. Hand selection is one of the most important factors when playing Triple Draw. I play on playing that game a lot in the future. The main appeal for me is the fact that I control what my hand is. In most poker games the only choices you make is bet or fold. In Triple Draw, you build your hand via the 3 draws.

For anyone that wants to check it out as far as I know the only room that offers it and has a lot of traffic is Pokerstars, which accepts U.S. players. They offer all new players a $50 bonus.