The world of online gaming has seen many faces over its brief history of not nearly a decade. New online casinos are emerging every day to make up the well over 1800 online casinos on the internet today. Besides these casinos that provide their players with all of the games on one site, many sites are popping up that specialize in specific games. These websites include poker sites, blackjack sites, and the ever-familiar game that has become the fastest growing on the internet, online bingo.

Playing bingo is not just for senior citizens down at the local bingo hall anymore. Land-based bingo is a massive market, and online bingo is developing into an even bigger one. Online bingo is becoming one of the most important commercial markets on the World Wide Web today.

In 1999 alone, the US bingo industry had earnings of over $5 billion, so just imagine the potential the online bingo industry has. The rules to the games are simple, it can be played by anyone, anywhere in the world, and most people don’t even recognize it as gambling.

The majority of online bingo players are predominantly female and are in the 25-65 age range. Almost half of these players do not play in any other type of online gambling. This opens up a whole new market for the online gaming industry that will try bringing in these new players.

In contrast to the amount of casinos that are available online, the online bingo industry is quite small, however it is growing by leaps and bounds. In the year 2000, there were only ten reliable bingo sites available. In 2001, the market grew by 50%, and by 2003 the market has increased by 150% to over fifty sites, with more sites becoming live every day.

The online bingo market is quite different than that of the casino market. Here, players choose their bingo sites based on where their friends from across the internet are playing, and how the atmosphere is in the chat rooms that accompany the games. The chat room can be the difference in what makes or breaks a good bingo site. Additionally, the way the chat host interacts with the players, can ultimately effect whether the player will return or not.

So the race in the bingo industry is heating up between bingo providers that are battling to capture this new market with the latest software, and bringing in these potential players. Many of the top online casino providers are entering the market, but many providers of standalone bingo software are holding their own as well. This market is an exciting, fast growing part of online gaming that needs to be watched with a close eye for the many opportunities that will arise in the online gaming world.